ABYSS Headphone Warranty Information

To apply for an extended warranty on your brand new ABYSS Headphones, CLICK HERE.

Abyss Headphones are designed and built in the USA to a very high standard of quality. In the European Union (EU), Abyss Headphones warrants your new headphone set to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer or agent of Abyss Headphones. This is the Standard Warranty in the EU.

If purchased brand new, never used, current stock from an authorized Abyss Headphone agent, as an original owner you are eligible to apply for an Extended Warranty to three (3) years total by registering online on the Abyss-Headphones.com Product Registration page. In order to apply, you must register within 90 days of purchase date. It is recommended to apply for your Extended Warranty immediately after purchase. Application subject to approval. Dealer demo's or previously used products are not eligible for the extended warranty.

Proof of your Extended Warranty will be sent via email and be kept on record at Abyss Headphones. You must have the original Proof of Purchase from an authorized dealer or agent and be the person who registered for the extended warranty in order to claim any warranty status past the original one year. As the original Owner you may invoke a ONE TIME transfer of such upon sale of your Abyss Headphone to another by contacting Abyss headphones directly.

When purchasing a previously owned (used) Abyss Headphone product, the standard one year warranty follows the headphone set. The original purchase receipt from the original first owner is required as proof of purchase for any warranty claim. The original owner must contact Abyss Headphones and provide us with the name and email address of the new owner so we may contact them regarding transfer of the extended warranty, if any.

An Abyss Headphone dealer or agent has no obligation to any warranty of a product they did not sell to you. Contact Abyss Headphones directly with any warranty issues if your purchase was not made with an authorized dealer.

The warranty covers only the cost to repair the headphone or included accessory. The warranty does not cover shipping, insurance, fees, duties, taxes, or loss or damage of any kind. Leather components such as ear pads are considered wear items and may from time to time require replacement. Any finished surface may scratch or mar do to abrasion. Wear and tear on the leathers or finish is not covered under any warranty. Use of faulty or improper ancillary equipment, abuse or physical damage, is not covered under any warranty. Tampering with or any modification to the headphone or included accessory by an unauthorized person resulting in the need of parts or service is not covered under any warranty.