Eleven Audio Model Formula S Audiophile Headphone Amplifier

Eleven XI Audio Audiophile Headphone Amplifier

When any amplifier is not good enough, powerful sound is always on tap with Eleven Audio.

A newcomer shows the world the true sound of music. Solid state dual mono amplifiers deliver stunning speed and clarity, with hard hitting bass and drums and beautifully smooth tube-like decay to cymbals and string instruments, on up beyond perception, the Formula S amp is tuned for the highest resolution music and headphones. Impeccable balance, clear to the source, excellent bass definition, simply an excellent amp. And its stout size takes up less real estate on your desktop.

    • Full Class A output for smooth, clear, powerful sound
    • All aluminum construction with durable beaded finish and permanent laser markings
    • High quality design and components throughout
    • Provides three of the most popular output connections for high performance headphones, 1/4" (6.3 mm), 4 pin XLR, and dual 3 pin XLR
    • High quality ALPS volume control goes from 'zero to Eleven'
    • Fully regulated power supplies
    • Output protection and turn-on/turn-off delay keeps your high end headphone investment safe
    • Selectable gain switch compatible with sensitive IEM's as well as demanding headphones
    • Single set of RCA inputs wired direct to the volume control with JPS Labs Alumiloy® wire (no switches or extra circuit paths) (XLR inputs optional)