Ear Pads for ABYSS Diana Headphones- Latest version

Soft ear pad sets magnetically attach to any Diana headphone. These are the latest version, acoustically sculpted and pillow top soft.

Lambskin version provides maximum resolution in the highs and maintains stock sound.

Vegan pads made with Ultrasuede® are very soft. This material has a slight softening affect on the sound compared to original lambskin. If your system comes across as harsh from time to time these pads can help tame that. Also give a slight bump in low bass frequencies. Available in black or tan.

New! Hybrid pad places fuzzy Ultrasuede against your face and lambskin in and out which maintains stock resolution and frequency response while adding comfort, particularly for eyeglass wearers.

Bass Porting adds a whole new dimension to the sound of your Diana headphone.   Engineered to add a gentle bass bump in the lower bass range and a bit more soundstage depth and openness, this option lets you pad roll for more fun in listening.

Add the new Diana headband pad to any ear pad order.

Black color replaces discontinued gray color pads on existing Diana Phi model. New Ear pads are compatible with all Diana headphones.

Ear pads priced and sold by the pair only.

For obvious reasons, ear pads are non-returnable/non-refundable.


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