JPS Labs Aluminata Reference AC Cable

Hand-Made in America..

The Aluminata AC Power Cable touts technology in function and design that other power cords cannot approach, and as always builds upon previous JPS designs. They begin with a huge but flexible  8 gauge high-purity JPS alloy conductor, one of the largest conductors known to high-end power cords, all wrapped in a Kapton jacket.  JPS is the first A/V cable manufacturer in the world to utilize this high-tech, very expensive aerospace insulation in a high-end cable design. Combined with JPS alloy conductors, it offers a TOTAL LACK of spectral smearing of highs and lack of midrange glare, with an ability to extend yet define low frequency bass response like no other AC cord. Their unique conductors are then specially assembled by our trademark Optimized Field Matrix (OFM) design parameters, which take into account conductor size, dielectric thickness and constant, potential noise frequencies and amplitude, capacitance, inductance, and many other factors, combined into our proprietary formula to allow for optimum performance with almost any piece in any system or environment, anywhere in the world

Nothing new though for JPS, as their Kaptovator AC Cable already contains these design parameters and then some. Now here is where the new stuff begins after years in the works...

If the Aluminata AC cable was to be a cable to end all, JPS figured he should look into any other deciding factors to improve what these cables can do for audiophiles, videophiles, and professionals alike, in any environment, and so many months went by contemplating the possibilities while this exciting new technology sits on the back burner...

Then one day it hit, what about current reflections in the AC line? While researching such a phenomenon, JPS found that electrical current, analogous to water flow in a pipe, does not appreciate being suddenly stopped and started (as it is with an amplifier and its sudden changes to power requirements in response to the music). This constant change in current flow, particularly where the homes AC wiring is not as good as it could be, creates reflections- or ripples- all the way back to the breaker panel, impeding the smooth flow of power to the system. So JPS added another world first feature, End of Line (EOL) technology, and incorporated it into this cord as a unique, proprietary element which dissipates reflections within the cord itself, allowing bass to sound like it should, tight and detailed, while clearing the air in the mid's and highs; very similar to upgrading the entire systems cabling, and all accomplished by the addition of this very unique AC cable.

Add the blanket of the Particle Aluminum Shield described above to completely isolate and absorb all forms of noise between the wall outlet and the component for pure clean power and all that remains is a clarity to audio or video resolution that no other component or cable change can possibly offer.

Every Aluminata Cable set is serial numbered, and comes with their own aluminum case laser engraved with the JPS Labs logo, and a matching original Certificate of Authenticity, printed with gold and blue ink, and embossed and signed with our official Authentic Product seal. This certificate ensures you are buying a genuine JPS Labs product.



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