JPS Labs Kaptovator Ultra High Performance AC Cable

The KAPTOVATOR AC cable allows for the highest resolution possible from your high quality component. This cable, designed by JPS with materials unlike any other cable, allows any component to offer all it is capable of by perfectly interfacing it to the AC outlet without absorbing or limiting power, and without imposing its own sonic character on the connected component as even the most expensive of AC cords will do. THE KAPTOVATOR flushes out amazing bass definition and real life accuracy to music and video reproduction to a point where you realize after all these years how limiting any other means of supplying power to your high-end components has been.. there is no going back.
What can be expected from a Kaptovator is amazing realism to music from the highest highs to the lowest lows. THE KAPTOVATOR is honestly one of the best upgrades you can make to any great system component, second only to the absolute finest in AC delivery, the Aluminata AC Cable.
You would be quite amazed at how close we can get to the original source with vocals and the natural decay of instruments into space. Plug and play, you are there...

Made in USA


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