JPS Labs PAC Black High Power AC Cable

PAC Black is a very large but flexible AC cord made specifically for the high power demands of any amplifier or receiver, or to deliver unhampered AC power to the entire system when used with line conditioners (although it works quite well on tube preamps).

PAC Black will allow your amp to do its work way down LOW, bringing out an articulated low frequency bass response from your system, while opening a window to all the small, delicate, lifelike nuances of music, all in a well balanced, very natural way.

Wattgate Evo AC plug (Euro Schuko also available) and IEC plug at the equipment end top off the PAC Black power cord. Our cable experience and universal praise in so many different systems places JPS on the top of most any manufacture's short list of the best cables to use if you seek true to the source music, rhythm, and soul.

If you feel your system has room for improvement and sense it is being limited, try this high power AC cord!.

Made in USA


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